Pure Discipline (“Non-Fiction”)

As I’ve written elsewhere, I started this website c. 1999 as mrstrict.com, then migrated it to intimateinvasions.com when Greenery Press engaged me to write the book of the same name. A mixed bag of stories, also as I’ve noted elsewhere, and one I’ve not gone back to re-read in all the years since.

In the years that this site has been up I’ve had it go down multiple times and, until recently, thought that stories that disappeared into the vacuum at those points couldn’t be reclaimed. But someone pointed me to the Way Back Machine, which, in a fit of inspiration I recently searched and — lo and behold! — most of my stories were there. Yay me!

Or yah-ish me anyway. Reading your own old writing is like looking at pictures of yourself from High School, youthful and hyper-cringey to the older eye. You see all the things that were part of you then but that you didn’t mind, and that are still a part of you now and that — from the perspective of age — you mind oh so very much indeed.

So it is for these stories, 40-odd in all and I’ve posted nowhere near the whole set as of today (Thanksgiving -1 2022). The very old ones were spankings, enemas, anal, but perhaps less restrained than the ones that followed in the mid-2000s, which were similarly so inclined but reflected my mid-pervy-career transition from “dom” to “daddy.”

And now … well, I’m suspicious my bent is back to my disciplinarian roots, although dom and daddy certainly tie in to those roots. For the stories at least I feel the need to re-emphasize discipline over the sexual components that are inevitably part of discipline at some level; I’ve always been a loving sadist but I’m back to feeling that this long-persisting fact’s gotten a bit … well, perhaps muddled by the bottom sex and so forth and so on. Although I’ll say I do distinctly enjoy that so forth and so on.

What does all of this mean for this website and the chance of my writing more stories? I can’t predict with certainty, but I think there may be more of “conventional” severity to the extent that I’m capable of writing without getting carried away beyond the conventional.

I’ll also say that my writing parallels the inspiration I’m drawing from life, so if there are any readers out there (female only please) who’d like to provide inspiration, feel free to write!

M.R. Strict