Discipline Enemas, With More Than One Person To Help Give Them

I debated whether or not to present these images en bloc or one-at-a-time; as you see, I ultimately decided it was better to let them stand together than to present them separately. These are from a videotape of a session I conducted some time ago (some of the hands you see are mine); what you’ll immediately be able to tell (if you can count) is that I had help in the enema-administration.

There are some very interesting effects that can be accomplished in a setting with multiple hands; in this case, the effect was even greater because the person actually giving the enema is a woman friend of mine — here doing her “mommy” best to make sure the recipient is cooperative during her washing out.

There are a variety of ways to ensure cooperation — have no doubt that there was a spanking that preceded what you see here. But we’ve also adopted a more soothing method of keeping the patient still, as you’ll see from all the frames that have one or more warm hands between the legs to counterbalance the nozzle firmly planted between the cheeks. And I think no one could doubt that being rubbed while taking an enema is comforting … if you were to hear the audio from this session you’d hear a lot of nice girlish moans, and not the kind that come just from that increasing pressure in the backside.

I hasten to add that, since this was a discipline enema, masturbation wasn’t allowed to continue to the point of release, making the entire experience somewhat bittersweet for the recipient. Also, as I’m sure all my female readers know, women are much stricter than men — they can’t be swayed by a lovely behind (as we have here) or soaking wet girl parts (as were also present). So those later stills that show the culprit in a more upright position — mommy had to give quite a lecture at that point about staying down like a good girl and taking the whole bag.

Perhaps most interesting to me was the whole sensation of being unusually peripheral to the activities taking place — usually I’m in the thick of things, not just helping out. But watching is actually quite nice, not that I had nothing to offer in the way of opinions, and I certainly remember walking with the enema recipient to the bathroom and making sure she was releasing before I left the room to find the Vaseline for the sodomy that followed.

Well that’s another story, for another occasion.

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