Phone Punishment

In this case the culprit was required to insert a medium sized rectal plug while I discussed her behavior with her. After the requisite amount of time for the scolding (with the requirement that she move the plug in her behind while I scolded), I informed her that, because of the extent of her misbehavior, she would also be having a squeeze bulb punishment enema, i.e., 4-5 bulbfulls of soapy water squirted into her bowels.

Had the punishment taken place in person she would have gone over my knee with her behind bared for the correction (and she would have been paddled first). Since this punishment took place over the phone, I had her on her side on the bed … and, because I wasn’t there to administer the enema in person, I required a much longer retention than I would have demanded had she been across my lap.

I should note that, although it may sound to the reader as if a phone punishment can’t compare in severity to what I administer in person, in fact it is as common for a culprit to cry during phone discipline as discipline administered in person. Perhaps more common, now that I think about it, as I usually require expulsion of the enema (or enemas as the case may be) by the culprit while I talk to her and listen to her behind misbehave. In person this is so intense that a kind of mental gridlock often ensues, a headspace that precludes an emotional release like crying. Over the phone, however, the mortification is paradoxically both more and less intense — more intense because the submission is much greater (I’m not even there to “make” her do what I want; it’s the force of my voice and the desire to have the release that binds us together, more tightly than any restraints could or would do) and less intense because, although I hear what her behind is doing, I’m not actually there to witness it. As a result, the conditions seem to be optimal for release of emotions as well as of the punishment solution she’s had administered into her backside.

As the reader will guess, there are a variety of means other than phone conversation for me to ascertain the compliance of the miscreant with my directions; in this case I believe a webcam was used. I don’t have an audio recording of this session, although I have certainly recorded audio in the past (and indeed my old website had audio on it). As the misdeeds continue the likelihood of postings beyond artistic ones such as these increases. In the future it may consequently be necessary to present audio or possibly video (of the culprit’s bottom only) of corrections.

By the way, I am sure that there are those readers who wish less artistry in the visual evidence, and would instead prefer a series of sharp stills (or preferably videos) of the correction being administered to the culprit’s behind and, perhaps even more to the point, the culprit’s bottomhole. I am perfectly capable of making public such pictures as the failure of the culprit to behave requires. On the other hand, starting with artistry rather than explicit clarity allows for the subsequent increase in exposure that increasingly less artistry allows.

But frankly there’s an additional reason as well … not only does starting this way increase the fear of the culprit as to what *may* come, it also increases the desire of the reader(s) that those things *do* come. So the miscreant is faced with the fact that continued misbehavior on her part only increases the desires of the viewers of her corrections to see and hear ever more detailed and ever more severe punishments.

Deterrence indeed.

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