The Discipline Project

Sitting in your office, anticipating your arrival, I think to myself about the consequences I’m about to face because of my bad behavior. I remember just a few days ago the severe punishment I received, and how incredibly sorry I was afterwards.

The door swings open and you walk in. I walk over and greet you properly. You have everything prepared and waiting for me on your desk. The paddle, the enema bag, the thermometer and jar of Vicks.

I’m instructed to get over your knee as you take my pants and panties down, baring my bottom and making me feel so vulnerable and exposed. The Vicks jar opens and the thermometer is thickly coated with it. I feel the thermometer going in my bottom. I feel the burning sensation as you take the thermometer out and tell me that I’ll be getting an enema. You pick up the paddle and paddle my bottom for what seems like forever. I begin to beg and plead and it ends with me in tears.

However, you tell me that my punishment is nowhere close to being over. I stand in the corner with a bright red bottom, and you fill the enema bag. You get me out of the corner and set me over you knee again, lubing up my bottomhole with Vicks. Again the nozzle is pushed in.

Suddenly I feel a rush of water entering my bowels. It fills my tummy. I’m put on the bed to wait for my sperm enema, but first you check between my legs to see if I’m being good or bad. You see that I’m wet, and that earns me another paddling while I retain the enema.

After the paddling I feel your hardness up against my burning bottomhole, and you slide inside. I clench my cheeks, squeezing on your cock, trying my very hardest to retain properly or else I know that there will be more punishment.

You start pumping and pounding inside of me, tears rolling down my cheeks, not knowing how much longer I can keep all of it in. You finally explode inside of me. I’m forced to expel the enema while i suck your cock. If I am not completely clean, I know that I will receive another until you are fully satisfied with my bottom. The whole process will be repeated until YOU decide that I have had enough.

This is what happens when I misbehave, daddy.

A_____, “When I Misbehave,” Homework Essay, 9/19/04


I got the butt plug daddy. Do I really have to wear it under my panties when I go to my classes?

I called my spanker and he said I could probably go over next Sunday. I will get him to videotape the punishment for you, Daddy.

I hope you are pleased with my essay, sir.

A_____, Email, 9/19/04


Incidentally, on the subject of essays, the next one you can write is about that ass fucking you went and got after we talked. I want everyone to know what you were thinking about when you were going over there to get it … and when you were getting it.

M.R. Strict


I wasn’t really thinking ‘bout getting my ass fucked, it just happened. My girlfriend and I went to hang out with some of our guy friends and one of them I think is really hot and vice versa.

He had been drinking some that night and we started making out and going into his bedroom and just being very playful with each other. One thing led to another and before i knew it my pants were taken off and my thong was pushed to the side and his cock was inside of me.

While he was inside of me pumping, I was thinking about how it would feel to have YOU fuck my ass, daddy. As it got more intense I thought about how intense my punishment with YOU would be like, having to retain my enema and squeeze down on your cock.

He pulled my hair to the side and started nibbling my neck and biting it, and I imagined YOU doing the same but instead of kissing or nibbling me, YOU, sir, would probably whisper to me the next step of my punishment or scold me about my bad behavior.

It was very weird to have my girlfriend and our other friends in the other room while I was inside getting my ass pounded on. I was hoping that he had remembered to lock the door so that no one would walk-in on us … thinking of how humiliated and mortified I would be to have someone see me in that position. He had me laying on my tummy with my hips pushed up with 2 pillows.

The fucking lasted about 20 minutes or so and when he was ready to cum he took it out and exploded all over my ass cheeks … while he was cumming he reached down and started playing with my clit and made me cum as well.

After we were both done, we got dressed, kissed and walked out of the room.

A_____, Email, 9/20/04

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