An Illustration

Over the years I’ve come to discover that there are many women out there who self-administer enemas. Perhaps for the vast majority that’s done under the excuse of “preparing for anal sex,” but I rather suspect the underlying reasons have more to do with the sensations enemas produce and the headspace they cause the recipient to enter.

I’ve also found that a lot of that cleaning out is occurring with some heavy self-pleasuring going on, and that it’s not uncommon for the woman so engaged to manage to view herself as she does so. Certainly I require that self-viewing when I’m punishing a miscreant; the view she sees is the view I see, or the view I intend to see. The nozzle she sees in her backside is the one I see or intend to see, the goosebumps on the cheeks (preferably red cheeks) are hers to display and mine to survey.

Below I’ve reproduced an image from a set of watercolors that were done c. 1930, I found them many years ago while perusing the ‘net, you’ll note that the originals are all in color, I’ve redone the image as black and white because … well because the absence of color invites the mind to fill in the blanks, for example, is her behind white, or is it bright red? They’re done by done by “Julie Delcourt” … see down towards the bottom of this page:

I’ve also done some cropping, so you, the viewer, can use your own imagination to consider whether the girl in the illustration is, perhaps, not alone? And if she’s not, is the watcher there in the room with her, or peering through a keyhole or window? And what is that watcher thinking? Is he (she?) just there to watch, or to engage in some more active role? Is he (she?) empty-handed, or perhaps holding a cane, a strap or a double-bardex? Is …

Ah, the mind is such a lovely thing. Enjoy!