Amanda (1)

She lies face down on her bed, her robe opened behind her, revealing the tight cheeks of her posterior, her vulnerable bottom.

She lies there, feeling the wetness between her legs, thinking about him watching her, commenting on the bareness of her buttocks as she lies there, submissive, waiting for the discipline to come.

“You know why we had to expose your ass, Amanda,” he says, calmly. “Because you’ve been a bad girl, and bad girls have to be punished. On their bare behinds.”

Her hand slips down between her legs and she closes her eyes as she thinks about him delivering the scolding. The scolding that precedes the inevitable punishment that she knows she’ll get afterwards.

“I think we’ll start with the rectal thermometer,” he says, “the cold glass rod inserted deep into your bowels. Bare bottom up over Daddy’s knee with the thermometer ticking your rectum, feeling the shame of being bent over like that as Daddy spreads your cheeks and slides it in.

“You’ll have to help me, of course; my naughty little Amanda pulling her underpants down and then walking to the bathroom like that to get the thermometer and the big jar of Vaseline. I’ll watch as you walk, I’ll see your bared bottom, your tight little cheeks moving against one another as you walk.

“We’ll both be thinking about your bottom, and what’s going to happen to it. We’ll both be thinking about it, Amanda; about what a bad girl you’ve been, and how bad girls have to be disciplined.

“You’re lucky that this time you’ll be getting the thermometer in private. Because when Daddy has guests over and you’ve been naughty, or act up, you know I’ll put you over my lap and take your temperature in your behind while they watch. They’ll smile when your face turns red when I tell you to get the thermometer and the Vaseline. You’ll have to stand there and look them in the eyes as I take your skirt off and pull your underpants down to your knees; and if your gaze falters, if your eyes drop, you’ll get Daddy’s belt across your buttocks while they watch, and then you’ll still have to have that cold thin glass rod inserted deep between your hot red cheeks as they watch.”

Her hand is rubbing her pussy hard now, as she thinks about the thermometer sliding in. She feels his hand on her bare behind, holding her cheeks firmly for a moment before he separates them to expose the tight portal to her bowels. She thinks about her humiliation when he spreads her there, exposing her rectum to his gaze.

She is dripping, and she realizes he will want to know that she wore something in her behind while she masturbated, so she gets up and get her butt plug and the Vaseline. Coats the plug with the greasy lubricant, imagining him doing it. Imagining him making he stand there, wearing the open-backed hospital gown, in front of him, in front of his friends, having to watch as he methodically coats the plug with the Vaseline.

“It’s going deep into your naughty bottom, Amanda,” he tells her, “deep in, in front of me, in front of our guests; and then you’ll stand in the corner with it in plain view until it’s time for me to sodomize you. And, if it falls out before buggery, you’ll get Daddy’s belt across your cheeks until you howl, and then you’ll get it back in and you’ll go over each of our guests laps for a paddling.”

She pushes the plug in, thinking about this, thinking about her mortification and shame, having Daddy punish her, having the guests watch, or, worse, participate. She thinks about it, pushing the plug in as she imagines her shame.

Feeling the thickness of it against her rectum, feeling that initial tensing as it slides in, imagining it’s Daddy there, penetrating her behind for the first time.

She wonders if he’ll be gentle; knows he won’t be, that bad girls get their asses fucked, hard. She knows it will be uncomfortable, that she’ll feel the entire bulk of his cock in her behind. But she knows she needs that, needs to feel stuffed by him, needs to feel sodomized, needs to be pressed down hard on the bed, her cheeks spread, his entire length insider her – moving inside her – thrusting, scolding, not stopping despite her struggles and pleas.

The plug is in her behind now, and she’s lying on her tummy on her bed thinking about him inside her, about being buggered by him, unrelentingly, until he gives her the sperm enema that she longs to feel there.

She feels how stretched her ass is, feels how wet she is between her legs. She closes her eyes tight, reaches back and moves the plug, trying to time the rhythm of its motion to the movements she’s seen on the videos he’s sent. She thinks about the girl on the bed in the video, gown opened, her ass being fucked, and imagines it happening to her.

Feels him there, feels how thick he is, how she’s pinned to the bed beneath him, his voice in her ear as he scolds, “Amanda, naughty Amanda, this is what you get for your bad behavior and disobedience,” and all the while the motions of his cock deep in her virgin bowels, the motions of sodomy, the deep thrusts into her ass as she tenses her legs and cries.

Wanting him to stop, not wanting him to stop. Knowing that, whatever she wants, he won’t end it until he thickens, stretching her rectum tight on his swelling cock, holding her tight as he forces himself further up her behind, as deep into her bowels as he can before he groans and discharges, the sperm enema shot as deeply into her bowels as he can manage,

Imagining his discharge there, imagining his use of her body for his pleasure, she comes. Feeling the tensing of her rectum on the plug, imagining its him she’s tensing on.

She keeps the plug in. For she knows another orgasm with it inside her will please him.

And, more than anything else, she wants to please her Daddy.

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