The Punishment Enema

I’m frequently asked what the difference is between a “regular” enema and one administered for punishment since, however threatening a regular enema might be, the prospect of a punishment enema is much more so, even to the uninitiated.

The short answer is that a “punishment” enema is one that I administer as the concrete physical manifestation of my disapproval, to correct the culprit for her misdeed – or misdeeds, since it’s usually an accumulation of bad behavior that earns a punishment enema. And, because the enema is for a real sin, not something make-believe, the effect on the recipient is severe regardless of the discomfort caused by the enema, the length of retention, the possibility of privacy for expulsion … or indeed the real question of whether there will be merely one such punishment enema administered or more than one, in order that a “thorough” cleaning out be obtained.

It’s true of course that a punishment enema is in general of larger volume than a “regular” enema; it’s also true that a punishment enema is invariably soapy. But a soapy punishment is appropriate not simply because it’s likely to cause discomfort (cramping) but, more to the point, because it *must* contain soap in order that the recipient be thoroughly cleaned out of her crimes, both literally and – equally as important – psychologically.

As am example consider a current member of the “discipline project” who, as of the time of my writing this is due to receive a series of punishment enemas for the continued commission of a number of behaviors that we’ve previously discussed, and that I’ve already warned her (repeatedly) must stop or there will be real consequences. In this case, these consequences will take the form of a strapping to tears followed by a *thorough* cleaning out while I discuss her behavior with her. In other words, she’ll be receiving a series of punishment enemas as the central part of a corrective session that will also include spankings and, undoubtedly, disciplinary sodomy at its ending.

I don’t as yet have a clear outline in my mind of the exact sequence of the events, and in fact I don’t script discipline sessions, as I’ve found over the several decades that I’ve been doing this (actually I guess it’s closer to three decades than it is to two) that it’s far better to let the circumstances control. But, for illustrative purposes, let me paint at least a plausible scenario of what may transpire over the coming weekend when we meet. Again, please remember that the the specific actions are not critical – what *is* of central importance is the catharsis, the achievement of spiritual cleansing. The punishment enemas cause cleaning out, but are only a convenient (and rather effective) vehicle to the cleaning out that I’m really after, which is psychological.


The session is likely to start with a discussion of the misdeeds, in order to put the culprit into the correct mental space as rapidly as possible. I don’t yell – in fact the members of the Project are always surprised to discover that I actually *never* yell. Why should I, though, even if I were so inclined; my being in complete control is at the same time more terrifying and more reassuring. Which again serves to build that delicate balance of dread and release that must occur in order for the correction to be effective.

So, a discussion of behavior, calm, low voice, no harsh or demeaning words. The goal is to achieve release, and calling someone a bi***, a c***, etc., will not achieve that even if such words were otherwise acceptable – which they emphatically aren’t.

And then the disrobing, and the donning of the gown. Yes, it’s unflattering, but that’s the whole point, the reduction of the culprit to a behind to be dealt with. And a vulnerable behind at that, as the part to be disciplined is now completely exposed through the open back of the gown. Available for my hand, the nozzle, and my cock, as the situation demands.

So now the march to the corner, to wait while I prepare the bag. Anticipation is a huge part of the process and having to wait while the punishment enema is being mixed, having to listen while I run the water in bathroom (will it be warm or will it be cool and therefore crampy?), having to strain to hear whether I’m just mixing in plain white soap or – as a much more severe correction – using one or more pre-mixed packets of special enema soap … that waiting is almost punishment enough, almost enough that I could dispense with the trips over my knee for the injections of the soapy water, the time in the corner retaining, the expulsions, the sodomy.

Well, perhaps not. It’s important to understand that, while my goal is catharsis for the culprit, I’d be lying if I were to claim to be the Mother Teresa of enema-givers, a truly disturbing image for a large number of reasons, not least of which is the obvious aesthetic one. No, I’m hardly a pure altruist with only the interests of the recipient in mind. The truth, of course, is that I find enormous enjoyment in the control I wield over the person I’m correcting; I am usually sexually aroused when I have her over my knee with the nozzle in her behind, when I casually open the clamp to release the soapy water into her bowels as I continue to scold.

But on the other hand, it’s also important to realize that I keep myself neat and tidy and in my pants until catharsis is achieved, and in fact I frequently keep myself in my pants through the whole session, so that there is nothing sexual at all that occurs. The only ending being cradling the head of the exhausted recipient – now well punished – in my lap, and rubbing her hair as I tell her that the crimes have been dealt with. And will presumably not be repeated.


The time in the corner can be varied with the circumstances, and with the culprit. I have to say, though, that as appealing as the idea of 15-30 minutes there may be, the reality is that after about 10 minutes the waiting stops being the productive kind of agony, and instead quickly transitions to boredom and then resentment, at least when the culprit is merely waiting to be given the punishment enema, rather than standing in the corner retaining it. Under the latter set of circumstances there may be a variety of emotions experienced while facing the wall with the reddened bottom on display and the hose hanging down from between the martyred cheeks like an obscene tail, but boredom is rarely – if ever – one of them.

So, the ritual of changing into the gown and being put in the corner to wait while the first punishment enema is prepared. And then, when sufficient time has passed, out of the corner and over my knee, behind bared, for the first spanking, and then the insertion and administration of the first enema.

At this point it is probably worthwhile to point out that under many circumstances it may be better to make the first enema a plain water cleansing, rather than a soapy water punishment, as a pre-cleansing allows the punishment enema to be retained longer (purged bowels) and also is wise preparation against any less aesthetic aspects that might occur should the penitent be unable to retain the soap solution for the requisite time, i.e., should the penitent leak. I often leave the choice of such a preliminary cleansing up to the culprit herself, which both provides her the relief of knowing she’ll do better at the retention, and the misery of knowing that she’s asking – of her own accord – to be given that additional enema, which of course does not count in the total number that I have already decided she is going to have.

Now between administration and expulsion is of course the period of retention, and the question that I’m sure the alert reader will wish to have answered is, quite simply: how long? How long *can* she retain; and, as a rather different matter, how long should she be *made* to retain? As for most other things in life, there’s no simple answer to this – of the many enemas I’ve given (and believe me, there have truly been *many*), in some cases the recipient has managed 20 minutes, in some cases only 30 seconds, but I think it’s fair to say that 5-10 minutes is obtainable, especially when the enema is plain water (soapy water is usually much harder to hold).

And those 5-10 minutes are likely to be a fascinating display of self control – or the lack thereof. Should she stay across my knee, squirming and shifting as the pressure in her bowels builds, as he discomfort and need increase? Or would it be better to get her up and march her to the corner, to stand there with her nose against the wall and the hose hanging down from between her red cheeks, swaying back and forth as she does an increasingly vigorous version of the potty dance as the pressure builds.

Or perhaps head down behind high in the air, either kneeling in this position on the floor or, for maximal exposure, on a table? Or if the punishment is to be particularly severe, will I have her walk up and down the stairs to the second floor, tube hanging, bottomhole tickled with each motion of the hose, tummy cramping as she climbs to the landing, pauses, ascends to the second floor, waits, and then descends to repeat the process over and over.


Finally, the expulsion. For most people this is the part of the process that’s most terrifying, especially if I plan to be in the room to witness it or, worse, insist on having the culprit look me squarely in the eyes as her behind misbehaves. The Expulsion really deserves a completely separate discussion, but suffice it to say that I invariably allow the first voiding to occur in private (although there may well be a video camera pointed at the girl’s bottom as she does so, and an audio recorder too, in order that the process can be recorded for her to listen to afterwards to remind her of what had to happen), and that thereafter she’ll use the commode or a bedpan or a special “expulsion chair” that I’ve designed for the purpose, and that, because its a punishment session there will be no privacy allowed at any point in the process.

I should also add that I’m a great believer in humiliation, as it refers to the process of taking the culprit outside herself, but *not* in the sense of degradation. So while I may scold her the entire time she’s releasing the punishment enema, while I remind her that “we’re not done with just one” while her bottom empties, indeed while I may refill the bag with yet more soapy water while her sits gingerly on her paddled behind on the expulsion chair with the timer ticking down the minutes she has to void before she gets the next volume of water forced up her bottom – all of that should be considered humiliation with the goal of mental release, and not degradation.


Finally, after the spankings and the punishment enemas, I give the girl the chance to apologize to me for her crimes. This is always her choice and I leave her a period of time for solitary reflection before I come into the bedroom to see what decision she’s made.

And I have to say that I am almost invariably pleased to find that the girl, having been punished and purged, has now reached the decision that she does indeed wish to make amends in the way I prefer.

And so I enter the room to find her bent over the sodomy stool, her hands perhaps trembling a bit as she holds her sore cheeks apart to present me with her Vaselined bottomhole, waiting to receive my cock deep in her now clean bowels, waiting to endure an additional scolding, waiting for the discomfort of penetration there but also the pleasure of knowing she’s thanking me in the way I most prefer for the time and energy and caring I’ve expended to take her to task for her sins.

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