M.R. Strict:   hi sweetie
M.R. Strict:   how are you?
K__________:   good
M.R. Strict:   did you study yesterday?
K__________:   no, not really
M.R. Strict:   do you have bar soap?
K__________:   why soap
K__________:   yes, i have soap
M.R. Strict:   then lather up the soap and coat the plug
               with the lather
K__________:   which plug?
M.R. Strict:   the big plug
M.R. Strict:   what are you wearing now?
K__________:   my pjs
K__________:   soap?
M.R. Strict:   take the bottoms off
M.R. Strict:   yes soap
M.R. Strict:   until its nice and slick with a good coating
               of the soap
K__________:   watery soap?
M.R. Strict:   get a nice paste of soap on the plug
K__________:   ok
K__________:   ook
M.R. Strict:   now, its going to go up your bottom.
M.R. Strict:   for punishment for not studying
M.R. Strict:   you may put a bit of vaseline on your bottom
               first to help it go in
M.R. Strict:   what are you doing?
K__________:   getting vaseline
K__________:   that stings
M.R. Strict:   is the plug in?
K__________:   part way
M.R. Strict:   get it all the way in
K__________:   that doesn’t feel good
M.R. Strict:   did you study yesterday?
K__________:   no
M.R. Strict:   do you have a stool?
M.R. Strict:   or just a chair?
K__________:   yes
M.R. Strict:   stool?
K__________:   a chair
M.R. Strict:   a chair, daddy
K__________:   it burns
K__________:   a chair daddy
M.R. Strict:   were you a good girl yesterday sweetie?
K__________:   no daddy
M.R. Strict:   and what happens to bad girls?
K__________:   they get punished
K__________:   i’ll study today
K__________:   i promise
M.R. Strict:   now set the chair up so that you can bend
               over the back of it .. and take a picture of
               your bare behind with the soap coated plug in
K__________:   can i please take it out
M.R. Strict:   no, you may not
K__________:   please daddy
M.R. Strict:   go take the picture
K__________:   then may i?
M.R. Strict:   then you may come and talk to me …
K__________:   now can i?
K__________:   please
M.R. Strict:   did i get the picture?
K__________:   no
K__________:   i took it
M.R. Strict:   and think about why I’m having to do this
M.R. Strict:   how many hours yesterday did you have to
K__________:   i dont know
M.R. Strict:   more than a few?
K__________:   probably
M.R. Strict:   probably? youre not sure?
K__________:   yes more then a few
M.R. Strict:   and did you study?
K__________:   no
M.R. Strict:   take 5 more pictures. then you may take it
M.R. Strict:   kneel on the chair for them
K__________:   it has wheels!
M.R. Strict:   then kneel on your bed
K__________:   yes daddy
K__________:   it still stings
M.R. Strict:   and that’s to remind you about what you need
               to do today
K__________:   i will
M.R. Strict:   im going to send you a hospital gown along
               with the vicks and enema bag
M.R. Strict:   now you may touch yourself. how wet are you?
K__________:   wet
M.R. Strict:   you may masturbate
M.R. Strict:   AFTER you’ve done three hours of homework
K__________:   ill be in class!
M.R. Strict:   then you’ll have to wait till tonight.
K__________:   daddy!
M.R. Strict:   or do you want to masturbate with the soaped
               plug in
K__________:   no thank you
M.R. Strict:   because i’ll allow you to do that now
K__________:   no i’ll wait till tonight
M.R. Strict:   and only if you study for three hours
K__________:   i will i promise
M.R. Strict:   i can see i have to start a page on the site
               devoted exclusively to your study habits
K__________:   to me?
M.R. Strict:   yes
M.R. Strict:   and to the punishments your receive for not
               being a good girl
K__________:   does that mean your going to be keeping
M.R. Strict:   yes
K__________:   eek
K__________:   cant i rub a little now?
K__________:   3 pm is such a long time
M.R. Strict:   with the soaped plug in, yes
K__________:   its going to be a frustrating day i can see
               that now
M.R. Strict:   well i’ll tell you what. you may put the
               soaped plug in and write, 20 times, “when i
               don’t study, daddy makes me have a punishment
               plug in my behind”
K__________:   no
K__________:   it hurts
M.R. Strict:   then i guess you have to wait
K__________:   i’ll wait
M.R. Strict:   it’s supposed to. a spanking hurts more
K__________:   i’d rather a spanking I think
M.R. Strict:   you’ll be over my lap a long time
K__________:   well then again i never felt yours
M.R. Strict:   and yes, i spank hard
K__________:   its been 9 months since i’ve had one
K__________:   today will be a better day
M.R. Strict:   yes. because you’re going to study today
K__________:   i wont get in trouble
K__________:   how long does this sting for
M.R. Strict:   good. because next time it will be a
M.R. Strict:   for a while
K__________:   soapstick?
M.R. Strict:   yes. a suppository shaped piece of soap
K__________:   ack
K__________:   i’ll study
M.R. Strict:   i’m counting on that
K__________:   when i catch up want to help me make a study
M.R. Strict:   yes
M.R. Strict:   i will be glad to
M.R. Strict:  
K__________:   i think I’m going to go to campus so i have
               no distractions
M.R. Strict:   good.
K__________:   sit in the boring reading room
M.R. Strict:   have a productive day
K__________:   i will
M.R. Strict:   yeah. well still its what you need to do
K__________:   i know
K__________:   i just wish the texts were more interesting
K__________:   ugh 3pm

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