The Punishment Enema, Illustrated (Part I)

Before punishing a miscreant — especially a miscreant who I’ve never disciplined before — I usually spend some time explaining what I intend to do, and the sequence in which I’m likely to administer whatever correction or corrections I’ve deemed necessary. Thus for example I recently had a conversation with a young lady badly in need of the loss of control and intense embarrassment that a bare bottom spanking, enemas and, ultimately, bottom sex brings, and in that conversation I walked her through the sequence of events she’d be experiencing, starting with her attire (school uniform), the process of undressing her for correction (first spanking over white underpants; second spanking on the bare bottom with her panties down to her knees), the fact that she’d get the spankings over my lap, the fact that she’d get the enemas in the same position …

As my description went on, I suddenly realized that there’d be a much more effective way of preparing her for her first spanking, first punishment enema, and first experience at having her bottom used. To whit, that I could provide a description on my website of the events I was contemplating for her. And — since a picture’s worth a thousand words — that it would be even more effective preparation for correction if I were to provide pictures from an earlier discipline session of a different culprit to illustrate what she was going to receive.

Thus the content of this page. *You* obviously don’t know who she is; *she*, on the other hand, is very well aware of her identity and the fact that I’ve prepared the text and pictures on this page specifically for her contemplation. One other thing — the pictures are from a session I’d conducted some time ago with someone very special to me who I was mentoring at the time, and to better protect her identity I’ve manipulated these images somewhat. I know there are some readers who would prefer to see the source photos (ideally in their full resolution as well); be that as it may, my artistic manipulations will have to suffice, and the reader is invited to use the God-given gift of their own imagination to conjure the originals.

1. The Pre-Enema Spanking. There must always be a spanking before the administration of the enemas, since it’s important that the culprit have a sore bottom before she gets the nozzle and then the water up her behind. This picture illustrates a rather informal spanking, in fact a bedtime spanking, since the culprit is only wearing her t-shirt and panties (now banded at her knees), rather than what I promised the miscreant in the instant case, which was the full schoolgirl outfit. Schoolgirls are only one of a myriad of possibilities of course, and cute pjs to the knees with bottom bared over my lap (as was the case here) is equally as embarrassing for the culprit, and equally as satisfying … for me.

One other thing. For the spanking that you see in the illustration I used a leather paddle with a steel stiffener inside. This instrument of correction provides a satisfyingly loud SMACK (so useful when the window is left open for the benefit of passers-by); is painful, but not to the extent of a reformatory strap or Truro Terror; and, because of its intermediate effect, should certainly be followed by a handspanking, which allows me to feel the victim’s warm sore skin against my palm, and the victim to feel the indignity of knowing how much I’m enjoying the proceedings, even at this early stage.

2. The Transition Period. All good things must come to an end, and, therefore, eventually the spanking must conclude and the washing outs must commence. I certainly enjoy spanking; it’s always uncertain to what extent the culprit enjoys being spanked, but certainly a spanking ends up being preferable to what comes next, as this illustration demonstrates.

Or maybe the illustration doesn’t capture what I remember vividly from the punishment that gave rise to the illustration. Getting her to her feet, unsteady after being over my lap for so long. How I scolded as she squirmed, sore red bottom on display, no doubt feeling the chilly air blowing over her hot cheeks (it was early fall, and there was already an Autumnal flavor to the air). How I made her stand there for longer than usual, listening to my lecture, part of her mind on what I was saying; probably an entirely larger part of her thoughts directed to what was coming next, for I’d already hung the bulging bag on the stand in front of her and I’m sure she watched the hose sway back and forth, the business end (in this case the small nozzle) already heavily lubricated with Vaseline.

I’m sure my words flesh out any deficiencies in the picture, both for the reader and, probably more importantly, for the particular person I’ve written this page for.

3. The First Enema Commences. At the point in the proceedings illustrated here, I’ve already spread the culprit’s cheeks, inserted the little nozzle, and am now in the process of starting the flow of water. In the case of a newcomer to enemas, it’s common courtesy to start with a plain water enema (with a little salt in it to achieve isotonicity); once that’s been taken, retained to my satisfaction, and then expelled (in private, again a courtesy, but one that I inevitably hew to), we may proceed to the soapy water punishment enema, or enemas, as the case may be.

If you look closely at the illustration, you’ll see that my left hand is in the process of unclamping the hose to let the water flow; surprisingly — and a sign of good behavior indeed — the soon-to-be-recipient has managed not to tense her buttocks in a completely futile attempt to stop the sudden influx of water that’s about to occur. Such good behavior should always be rewarded, and you’ll note that indeed my right hand is soothingly resting on her lower back, a reassuring touch that presumably does at least a bit to reduce her understandable nervousness at this point.

Another point with regard to this illustration: as I recall this was the first enema I’d ever given this miscreant, so the moment captured is quite a poignant one indeed. The fact that she’d never had an enema before might also explain her relaxation; usually this moment is associated with squirming, pleading, crossed-legs, and tears. Such is clearly not the case here. Whether the more usual events will obtain when the person I’m writing this for goes over my knee … remains to be seen.

4. A Pause, To Spank With The Water In. It’s always odd to me how deceptive appearances can be, in this case the appearances suggested by the seeming pastorality of the illustration we now contemplate.

In fact the appearances are deceptive — that right hand casually resting on her buttock is actually only pausing between spanks, and similarly the apparent relaxation of her firm rear cheeks is also equally as transitory; when my left hand unclamps the hose again and more warm water shoots up into her already full bowels, I guarantee the cheeks will go back into the clenching circling dance that earned her the spanking in the first place.

The larger question I suppose, is whether I’d have spanked her even if she’d achieved perfection across my knee. I think we all know the answer to that, which is of course “yes.” Yes, it’s completely appropriate for there to be a spanking while the enema is administered, although in general its of the type shown here, a plain hand spanking. But the smacks add to the embarrassment, lengthen the retention, and cause the nozzle to tickle up and down in the distended anus of the culprit, a sensation that, on top of the water in the bowels, can only add to the effectiveness of the correction. Or, since this is only a plain water washing out, the *pre*-correction.

5. The Scolding While The Urge To Expel Grows … And Grows. We’re now at the climax of the first washout: the point where the desperation to expel is denied in order that a good long lecture on behavior can be delivered. In this case I’ve increased the intensity of the moment by getting the culprit up off my knees — the bathroom is now potentially more obtainable, but the transition from recumbency increases the downward pressure of the water, so there’s really very little relief in being gotten off my lap.

Depending upon how well the culprit is doing at holding her water, I might keep her in this position for four or five minutes (doing very well indeed) or, on the other hand, 30 seconds (not doing very well at all). You’ll note that she still has the small nozzle in place in her bum, and there’s good reason for this: it helps her keep the water in. Admittedly it adds to the embarrassment, especially as the swinging of the hose makes for increased movement of the nozzle and therefore increased tickling back there even when she’s just standing there (you’ll note that in this illustration I’m affording the kindness of holding the hose up so that it doesn’t move as much). And of course that tickling gets much worse when the walk (or run) to the bathroom ensues — as it does moments after this picture was taken.

6. The Wait For The Second Enema. We’ve now finished the first cleansing, it’s about time to get down to the business of the actual punishment enema, the one with soapy water in it to cause a more complete cleaning out, increased discomfort (little contractions of the tummy muscles if only mildly soapy; actual cramps if more soapy), and intense mortification. This illustration shows another momentary respite in the procedure, one where the culprit gets a chance to catch her breath, and I get the chance to both sooth and scold.

I’m often asked how I know what’s “appropriate punishment” for any particular culprit, how much is too little, how much is too much? This illustration shows a hard pause in the proceedings that allows me to do exactly that sort of assessment: assuming the culprit is physically and emotionally ready to proceed to the punishment enema, we proceed; on the other hand, if we need to take a longer break before that happens — or even stop altogether — this momentary pause allows me time to evaluate and decide the best path forward.

And in that same spirit of momentary pause before proceeding, it seems very appropriate to break this post here, as we wait before the real punishment begins. I shall of course continue, but, for the present, I want what I’ve written thus far to have a chance to make an impact on the one person who’s reading this knowing *she’s* the topic of conversation.

Until next time, I remain, as always, M.R. Strict.

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