She’s bent over the side of her bed, her panties pulled down to just below her buttocks, one hand deep between her legs, the other moving the rectal plug in and out of her behind.

In and out the plug moves, and as it does, she images its his cock moving there, his cock using her in her bowels. Sodomizing her. Unrelentingly. It’s only her hand moving it, but she does her best to push in and pull out hard, as if it were the weight of his whole body thrusting himself in to penetrate her, withdrawing himself in preparation for a renewed assault on her bowels, into the tight portal of her rectum.

In and out the plug moves, not by her choice, although it’s her hand moving it. Instead, she’s doing it because he’s instructed her to; instructed her to assume the humiliating position she’s in, head down, bared behind upthrust to his view, moving the purple plug into and out of her bowels as she bends. Rubbing herself between her legs as she fucks her ass with the plug. Rubbing herself, feeling her desire grow with each motion of her fingers, with each hard thrust of the plug into the tightness of her Vaselined behind.


“It’s what we have to do before discipline.” he tells her. “Masturbate you. What we have to do to get all those distracting urges out of your mind, so that we can focus ourselves on what’s coming, on the paddle, the bagenema, your session on the potty chair while you suck, and Daddy’s cock deep and hard in your tight misbehaving backside afterwards.”

She prefers to focus on those last words, finding comfort in the prospect of the upcoming sodomy. Knowing that, although humiliating to have to take him in her Vaselined bowels, his presence there will be reassuring, a physical contact she needs, a sign to her that she’s loved and desired. The sodomy will be long – at least half an hour, he’s told her – but, despite the discomfort of the violation, the use of her behind will be her way of giving him pleasure, of thanking him for correcting her. Her way of atoning.


She moves her hand between her legs as she feels the plug in her backside, aware that she’s being watched as she masturbates. Sometimes he sits behind her, watching her like that; usually, though, it’s the unblinking eye of the camera recording her. In either case, she knows he enjoys her exposure, and so she does her best to keep her legs apart and her behind high. Does her best to move the plug forcefully, does her best to keep her cheeks spread so that he can see the purple plug spearing in between them. So that he can see the plug penetrating her ass, and think about his cock there.

He tells her that he enjoys watching her move her behind on the plug. That as he does he grips himself and thinks about it being her. Imagines the tightness of her ass on him, imagines himself slowly pushing in, scolding her while he does so. Imagines himself entering her bottom, thrusting himself into the depths of her bowels, looking down and seeing her red cheeks spread and his cock between them, thrusting in and out of her.

The thought of his excitement makes her wetter, makes her pussy throbs as she rubs. The thought of being the object of his desire arouses her, distracts her from the punishment to come. She rubs herself harder, lost in her arousal. Chastisement is a distant memory now; at the moment only her approach to release is real.


She knows he shows the pictures he takes of her to other people, that it’s part of the humiliation of correction. Never her face of course; instead, its her bared bottom with the purple plug in it. Or the nozzle. Or his cock.

He encourages her to think about this exposure, knows that it will heighten her arousal, hasten her release. Often he’ll have her masturbate bent over a stool in his office, panties down, facing away from him but towards the video monitor replaying her last chastisement, her last punishment session. As she watches she thinks about him seeing her like that, feels herself getting wet at the thought. She thinks about him showing the tapes to others, selling them perhaps, and finds herself wetter still.

Sometimes he puts her over the stool, her panties carefully arranged at her knees, and has her look at a computer monitor he’s set up to display the comments of the watchers. Comments on the tapes of her they’ve seen, suggestions of what he should do again, what other things he might do the next time he takes her panties down.

On a few occasions he’s positioned her like that and had her watch tapes of other women masturbating to the videos he’s made of her, other women coming to orgasm watching her being punished. He’s not content merely to have her watch though; instead, as the tape plays itself out and the woman on the screen rubs and writhes, he slides a nozzle into her behind and makes her take an enema, making her hold it until the woman in the video orgasms. The enema is always very soapy, the cramps starting early, but she knows she’s required to hold it until the other woman comes; knows that, should she leak, he’ll calmly move the potty chair into position and, as she expels in front of him, refill the bag and rewind the tape.

And so she lies there like a good girl, watching the woman on the tape and feeling her bowels fill, feeling the cramps begin. At first he goes back to his desk and leaves her to lie there like that, her panties down, the nozzle penetrating deep into her behind, the hose rising to the emptying bag over her head. Eventually, however, he comes to her and slides his hand between her legs to rub her while she watches the screen. Rubbing her, timing her orgasm to coincide with the orgasm of the woman on the screen.


She is ashamed to admit that the whole process arouses her, leaves her soaking. She bends over the side of her bed, her fingers deep between her legs, the plug deep between her cheeks, her pussy soaked as the thoughts swirl through her mind. She knows he makes her masturbate to “clear her mind” for correction, knows that, when she orgasms he’ll punish her. But she can’t help herself, can’t stop rubbing, can’t stop moving the plug.

And so she lies there, her behind impaled by the plug, her fingers buried deep in her sex, rubbing, approaching orgasm.


The punishment that follows release is only a few moments away.

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