Over The Rim

“Tonight, you’re getting a beer enema and then a punishment ass fucking over the tub while you retain it,” he’s told her, and she’s thought about it all day, as she waits in the hospital gown for her punishment.

She spends a considerable time in front of the mirror looking at herself. Turning her body to see herself the way he’ll see her, bare bottom protruding through the open flaps of the gown.

She knows he likes her presented like this, just her bottom visible, the target for his ire. He’s told her that he’ll punish her in front of others this way, her face hidden, her body cloaked from view, her behind even more on display as a result.

She’s masturbated thinking about this, even though the thought is intensely humiliating. Her body reduced to a single part, her behind; her entire being reduced to a girl’s backside in the air, on display, to be strapped, washed out, fucked. No interest or even awareness of her except for her ass, and how well she keeps it up and spread for him.

“Just a behind,” she thinks, only her raw red buttocks visible and, when he tells her its time, her delicate hands creeping back to part her own cheeks for the unrelenting thrusts of his cock inside her.


She recalls the first time she received a beer enema, perched on top of him, his cock in her pussy, the double-bardex nozzle inflated in her tight behind, his hand on the clamp of the hose, administering the enema as she rode his cock.

She recalls the sensations, the fullness in front, the beer rushing in in back. He bent her forward to kiss her as she took the enema, tasting the beer on her breath, savoring her anally-induced inebriation.

Up and down, up and down she rode him, his cock inside her, feeling her body responding to its presence, feeling the greater friction in front from the presence of the double-bardex in her behind. Twin balloons, one inflated inside her, one inflated outside, her anus sandwiched tightly between.

She recalls that sensation, of the double-bardex, of his cock, of the warm beer and the inebriation it brought. She recalls her orgasms, too, one after another as she rode his cock feeling the solution rushing into her posterior, under his control, his hand – not hers – on the clamp.


She finds herself wet, thinking about previous punishments, puts on the video of her last correction, watching it as she masturbates, trying to avoid thinking about the inevitability of the discipline she’s slated to receive.

She lies on the bed, her hands between her legs, watching the screen. The video begins with the screen dark, the noises unmistakable. The rude raspberries of gas passed through the tight greased portal, the spurts and splashes of liquid emitted in fits and forceful starts. The sounds of the girl’s sobs at the capture of her body’s most menial function, at the mortification of the recording of every aspect of her time over the cold rim of the bathtub with her behind raised and her cheeks spread wide.

The screen is dark, so the viewer is forced to seek detail in the rich mélange of sounds captured on the tape. And indeed, beneath the obvious noises of leaking bowels and intense humiliation there are other tales told in other noises. Listen: the faint rhythm of the man’s flesh slapping down onto the girl as he forces himself high into her. Listen: the repeated sound of the slippery slide of his punishing cock as it pistons in and out, in and out of her Vaselined behind, each insertion punctuated by a sharp intake of her breath as she feels her rectum freshly impaled. Each withdrawal marked by a sob of humiliation as she feels the fresh flood of soapy water and beer pour out of her behind with the removal of his fleshy plug.

The sounds are unmistakable, and the mind rushes to provide the image that is, for the moment, missing: the half-naked body bent, head down near the floor of the bathroom, behind high up over the rim of the tub, the man’s cock pistoning in and out of the girl’s enema-filled entrails, each thrust forward driving the point of the punishment home along with the entire stiff length of his Vaselined cock.

The screen is blank, but we can provide the image: the girl bent over the tub, hospital gown opened in back to expose the cheeks, with those cheeks spread wide for anal penetration. Is it her first time, we wonder; and, if it is, has he really made her take and hold an enema while she receives him between her buttocks.

And not just any enema, for the strengths of the releases indicate a lack of self control that can only come with a beer enema: the girl over his lap beforehand, panties down, the flaps of the hospital gown spread, feeling the flood of two quarts of soapy water and beer in her behind. Crying across his knees as the beer in her backside exerts its effects, as intoxication – anally administered – overcomes her.

Crying, at the knowledge that retention during sodomy – difficult under normal circumstances – will be impossible as a result of the inebriation brought on by the beer.

I don't normally add provisos to what I write, but let me point out that while beer enemas are indeed possible, they need to be carefully done because of the real danger of alcohol intoxication.

You can look this up on the internets; briefly, alcohol is absorbed extremely quickly through the bowels, and also concentrated alcohol (spirits such as vodka, gin, etc.) will burn your tissues as well as cause dangerous intoxication.

I used to give beer enemas during sex, or sometimes not during sex, I never had any problems but I always used less than a half bottle of light beer.  If I were giving such enemas now I'd probably be even more careful, also I'd be VERY aware of the fact that a small person can take much less than a larger person.

The point of all the above being that you've been warned, be careful, look up sound advice before you put weird stuff in an enema.
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